“There really is no better showcase for all that is good about our industry” – Steve Gladwin, former Chair of Judges

Winning an IWFM Impact Award is an outstanding accolade which acknowledges you as a role model both in and beyond our profession.

The IWFM Ambassador Programme invites and encourages winners in the three individual categories; Leader of the Year, Manager and Newcomer, to become ambassadors for the Institute, the Awards and the global workplace and facilities management profession.

It aims to leverage the examples of excellence delivered by these trailblazers to inspire others in the profession and to enlighten those outside it – from students to business leaders on a global platform. These outstanding winners will have the opportunity to highlight a real understanding of the quality, diversity and ability of workplace and facilities managers to aid the positive transformation of organisations and their performance.

Why ambassadors?

IWFM wants to drive positive change for the future; it aims to be the trusted voice of a distinct profession recognised, beyond the built environment, for its ability to enable people to transform organisational performance.

Many of the proposed initiatives are designed to help us to realise our vision. We aim to raise this unique profession’s profile by showcasing the best achievements and the most outstanding talent ultimately to encourage all involved in the sector to develop and progress; and externally, to illustrate the valid impact that outstanding workplace and facilities management strategy and application can make upon modern workplace performance beyond the tired stale views of FM activities.

We can all theorise about advancing our profession, but there is simply nothing better than a living, breathing example of excellence to inspire others – a relatable face and experience, through a recognised individual with an outstanding record of remarkable successes and outcomes.

The practicalities

As Ambassadors we will invite you to be involved in our campaigns to grow and advance our profession.

We will invite you to connect with our international networks to encourage your networking and create opportunities for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

The programme of activities will evolve, depending on our campaign priorities, your availability and market challenges.

Here is an idea of what you may expect:

  • Firstly, we will invite you as our guest to the Awards ceremony in the year after your win
  • Where appropriate, we will invite you to join our pool of support judges;
  • Beyond the Awards, we’ll put you in touch with a senior contact who will act as an IWFM touch point
  • We’ll introduce you to relevant IWFM special interest groups, including IWFM Fellows and Rising FMs, as well as other groups and individuals associated with your interest and expertise.
  • We’ll also want to work alongside you (as your time allows), in our diverse range of campaigns designed to meet our broad goals of becoming the global voice for the profession, growing our membership base and promoting our training offer. This might see you being invited to do anything from guest speaking on a conference platform or in a classroom, appearing in a video or an advertising, joining our team of bloggers, or acting as a mentor to an upcoming workplace or facilities professional
  • We may also call upon you to share your knowledge and insight for discrete projects, for example joining a project steering group
  • Most of all we would like to work with you to showcase your achievement and the positive difference you are making in our profession

Rest assured, we won’t ask you to do anything beyond your comfort zone or without your permission.