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Category Overview

Customer experience is a culmination of a multitude of customer touch points, throughout the customer journey and throughout the relationship. Whilst more traditional customer service might focus on the direct physical and virtual interaction with customers, customer experience considers the entire life-cycle of a customer and all factors that could impact their awareness, understanding, attraction, purchase, service and advocacy of a brand, product or service.

Organisations who proactively design, manage, monitor and adapt their customer journey often see both financial and brand affinity rewards in increased customer retention and recommendations.

To be effective, the responsibility for customer experience management rarely resides solely with just one department because it requires a coordinated effort from across an organisation. Workplace and facilities management is a vital contributor to customer experience and can play a significant role in developing and using innovative tools, practices and measures to enhance it. This category is about impact so the judges want to see submissions that are evidence based and demonstrate results.

Who should enter?

In-house and outsourced workplace and facilities management service providers, organisations or businesses who can clearly demonstrate customer experience best practice. Please do not submit an entry in this category for projects that are planned or are in development, in the process of being implemented, launched or are aspirational.

Application Questions

The Presentation rounds will take place between 6 – 25 June 2019. All entrants that progress to that stage of the judging will need to confirm their availability between these dates.

1. Please write an executive summary of your entry.

2. Please demonstrate the rationale for change; the challenge that existed and the clarity of the business case to undertake the project, including the insight and understanding of the requirement of how it needed to change.

3. Please explain the approach taken: provide evidence of the aims and objectives of the project and the relevance of the approach including any challenges faced and how these were overcome.

4. Clearly demonstrate the aims and objectives of the overall customer experience programme and the workplace and facilities management role and objectives within it and how it impacted the customer experience.

5. Provide evidence of organisation-wide collaboration with other parties involved in delivering the customer experience.

6. Provide results and evidence of success; the difference made to the overall customer experience with performance measures, customer experience metrics and evidence of positive change and the overall impact on the organisation.