Category Overview

The Impact on Society and Social Value category recognises companies, individuals or teams creating significant benefit to society and social value through excellent workplace and facilities management practices or as part of a social responsibility initiative.

The Judges are looking for evidence of the positive impact on the social fabric of a community or the well-being of individuals. This may relate to the design of a service, new policies, the implementation of a project, or an initiative designed to benefit society, the well-being of individuals, the economic health of communities or the quality of the local environment. Positive impacts may also include supporting supply chain opportunities, apprenticeships, recruitment of local labour or sustainable services and products. The Judges are particularly interested in how entrants report on the impact of their respective initiatives.


Who should enter?

Submissions can come from in-house teams, service providers, or by a collaboration between a number of parties. Eligible entries are those where the entrant can demonstrate that a sustained impact on society and social value has been created, evolved and delivered during the last five years.


Application Questions

The Presentation rounds will take place between 6 – 25 June 2019. All entrants that progress to that stage of the judging will need to confirm their availability between these dates.

1. Please write an executive summary of your entry.

2. Please explain the background to the initiative and demonstrate the rationale for change. Explain who was involved, how and why it happened and what the objectives were.

3. Please provide details of the initiative, the approach taken, and challenges faced. How it works and who benefits, giving actual examples of the initiative in practice

4. Please provide quantifiable evidence of the positive impact of this initiative (charts and diagrams may be included).

5. Please explain how the impact of the initiative is being sustained for future benefit and estimate future quantified gains.

6. Please explain what our sector can learn from this initiative and how it contributes to the advancement of our profession.