Innovation in Products and/or Process

This category seeks to identify and recognise a stand-out product or service that, through its development and utilisation, has had the most positive impact on workplace and facilities management provision.

Developing new products and services, or utilising existing ones in new and innovative ways is a continuous challenge in most organisations. It demands planning and engagement with customers and project teams; it invites research into industry best practice, often seeking inspiration and ideas from many aspects represented through the range of sectors and activities covered by our profession.

The Judges are looking for evidence of how product and service development has been managed in the business overall, and how this has been targeted ultimately toward the benefit of the customer and end-user. This category is about recognising innovation so entries must show what was new or different about the product or process from what had gone before. The optimum level of information needs to be included in support of the submission, demonstrating real value both to those who use it and those who benefit from its use.

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Innovation in Technology and Systems

This category invites entrants from the innovative application of systems or technology in workplace and facilities management. Its scope is wide and can relate to service delivery, use of space, management of resources or any other area where technology has been employed to improve service delivery.

The primary measure of success will be how the system or technological innovation was developed (technology utilised) and how it improved processes and/or productivity or how it addressed a problem or challenge.

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Innovation in People Development and Empowerment

This category is open to workplace and facilities management teams, organisations and partnerships from any sector who demonstrate how innovation in the development and empowerment of their people has made a significant contribution to the organisation. This category is about innovation so entries must show what was new or different about the project or initiative from previous activities.

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Innovation in Supplier Relationships

The Innovation in Supplier Relationships award is looking to showcase and recognise best possible practice in collaborative relationships that can evidence mutual benefits to all parties and can demonstrate significant benefits and impact on workplace and/or the facilities management solution, through two or more parties working together in an innovative way, that they believe could not have been achieved by any one party individually.

This Award seeks to identify and reward innovative approaches to client/supplier engagement and relationships (new and on-going), showcasing the effectiveness of truly collaborative business relationships and working practices between two or more organisations.

The Judges are looking for innovative and fresh approaches in client and supplier relationships that can clearly demonstrate a positive impact on either facilities management service delivery and/or the workplace, and that have had a mutually beneficial impact on both the supplier and client organisations.

Relationships that focus on shared values and goals to create an arrangement that is mutually beneficial and underpins productivity and performance and is aligned to business goals objectives and outcomes are vital.  The entry should be able to show enhanced competitiveness, performance and be clear on where and how value has been added through harnessing the value of the specific relationship.

Entries must relate to projects, services or initiatives that have been successfully implemented and for which tangible and proven (evidenced) benefits and outcomes can be clearly shown with a minimum time of 18-24 months operational activity.

The Judges must see evidence of all methodology and tools used through procurement cycles, mobilisation programmes, on-going performance management and measurement and all other initiatives which have contributed to the innovative, successful relationship.

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