Category Overview

The Innovation in Supplier Relationships award is looking to showcase and recognise best possible practice in collaborative relationships that can evidence mutual benefits to all parties and can demonstrate significant benefits and impact on workplace and/or the facilities management solution, through two or more parties working together in an innovative way, that they believe could not have been achieved by any one party individually.

This Award seeks to identify and reward innovative approaches to client/supplier engagement and relationships (new and on-going), showcasing the effectiveness of truly collaborative business relationships and working practices between two or more organisations.

The Judges are looking for innovative and fresh approaches in client and supplier relationships that can clearly demonstrate a positive impact on either facilities management service delivery and/or the workplace, and that have had a mutually beneficial impact on both the supplier and client organisations.

Relationships that focus on shared values and goals to create an arrangement that is mutually beneficial and underpins productivity and performance and is aligned to business goals objectives and outcomes are vital.  The entry should be able to show enhanced competitiveness, performance and be clear on where and how value has been added through harnessing the value of the specific relationship.

Entries must relate to projects, services or initiatives that have been successfully implemented and for which tangible and proven (evidenced) benefits and outcomes can be clearly shown with a minimum time of 18-24 months operational activity.

The Judges must see evidence of all methodology and tools used through procurement cycles, mobilisation programmes, on-going performance management and measurement and all other initiatives which have contributed to the innovative, successful relationship.


Who should enter?

Entries are open to individuals, organisations, in-house teams, service providers and suppliers to the industry, in both the public and private sectors. Please ensure all entries cover 18-24 months of full operational activity since implementation. Entries in this category for initiatives that are planned or are in development, in the process of being implemented, launched or are aspirational will not be accepted.


Application Questions

The Presentation rounds will take place between 6 – 25 June 2019. All entrants that progress to that stage of the judging will need to confirm their availability between these dates.

1. Deliver an executive summary of your entry

2. Explain what collaboration and innovation in supplier relationship means to the organisation, and how the FM teams (in-house and supply side) approached the development of the relationship for the submission.

3. Explain the principles, methodologies and tools applied to develop and then sustain the relationship chosen for the submission.

4. Performance and measurement; detail the impact that implementation of the initiative(s) has had on the FM team, both the client and supplier organisations and the client’s workplace or FM solution, using ‘real life’ examples where possible of the benefits realised. Please include details of the methodology(is) used to calculate the ’quantum’ of that impact including the benefits to each organisation.

5. How was the initiative implemented by all parties?

6. Provide full details of feedback received from clients/end users/staff as demonstration of successful ongoing implementation of the relationship.

7. How does the FM team (in-house and supply side) promote (or intend to promote) to the organisation, or to wider industry, the learning and experience achieved from the relationship?