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Do you work in or lead a high-performance team? Do you think your team deserves to be recognised as the best there is the workplace and facilities management sector?

The Team of the Year award focuses on the contribution your team makes to your employer, your client (if you’re a service provider), and to other stakeholders. The winning entry will showcase your achievements and demonstrate that the success you’ve achieved is the result of a structured approach to team-working.

The judges will be looking for evidence of what makes a high-performance team tick: a vision and purpose that is aligned with corporate objectives; clearly defined team roles; mutual trust and values; effective communication both within the team and with internal and external stakeholders; a focus on collaboration and building team culture; development of individuals within the team as well as the team itself; strong leadership; and successful performance outcomes.

The award recognises the team of workplace and facilities management professionals who can demonstrate all the hallmarks of a high-performance team and who are an inspiration to our sector.

Who should enter?

Teams must consist of two or more people engaged in day-to-day workplace and/or facilities management related activities. Entries are open to in-house teams, service providers, and suppliers and advisors from the private or public sectors, in the UK or internationally.

Application Questions

The Presentation rounds will take place between 6 – 25 June 2019. All entrants that progress to that stage of the judging will need to confirm their availability between these dates.

1. Executive summary: Please provide an executive summary of your entry.

2. Vision and purpose: Give a brief description of your team and team members, and explain its vision and purpose.

3. Role definitions: Explain the different roles within your team, their inter-dependencies, and how they contribute to the effectiveness of the team as a whole.

4. Trust and values: Describe your team’s values and how you embed and refresh them in order to build mutual trust over time.

5. Goals and performance: Explain how you set team goals and measure ongoing performance against them. In what way are your team goals aligned with your organisation’s corporate objectives (and those of your client if relevant)?

6. Communication and culture: Explain how you communicate within your team and with internal stakeholders (in your organisation) as well as external stakeholders (which might include your client and others). What measures do you take to actively build team culture? How does your team make decisions? How do you reward team members, and how does this contribute to team performance?

7. Development: Explain your approach to developing both the team and the individuals within the team? What evidence do you have that shows commitment to ongoing learning and continual improvement?

8. Leadership: Describe the team’s approach to leadership and the dynamic between the leaders and team members. Give examples of leadership in action.

9. Performance outcomes: Explain how your team performance was effective and how it impacted positively on your own organisation and your client if relevant. Please provide evidence on attainment against goals e.g. performance outcomes in terms of commercial, sustainability, quality, customer service and/or corporate responsibility.

10. Why you should win the Team of the Year Award? What makes your team stand out? Please provide a brief explanation of why you believe your team should win the Team of the Year Award.