Category Overview

This category invites entrants from the innovative application of systems or technology in workplace and facilities management . Its scope is wide and can relate to service delivery, use of space, management of resources or any other area where technology has been employed to improve service delivery.

The primary measure of success will be how the system or technological innovation was developed (technology utilised) and how it improved processes and/or productivity or how it addressed a problem or challenge.


Who should enter?

Entries are welcomed from both suppliers to the workplace and facilities management profession and client organisations. It can be simple and inexpensive or have the most complicated rationalisation. Entries must have evidence of results from implementation. Please do not submit an entry in this category that is planned or in development, in the process of being implemented, launched or aspirational.


Application Questions

The Presentation rounds will take place between 6 – 25 June 2019. All entrants that progress to that stage of the judging will need to confirm their availability between these dates.


1. Please write an executive summary of your entry.

2. Please explain the requirement, problem or challenge which led to the implementation or development of the technology or system.

3. Please outline the business case.

4. Please outline the technology or the system.

5. Please describe the implementation process.

6. What was the measurement of success? Please include cost-benefit analysis.

7. Please detail the wider application of the innovation in the workplace and facilities management sector.

8. What are the next steps for the innovation?