Creating Profit for a Purpose, Eric Wright FM

Eric Wright FM is part of construction and property services organisation the Eric Wright Group, itself wholly owned by the Eric Wright Charitable Trust.

This unique relationship between the commercial and charitable arms is borne from a philosophy of social integration linking corporate strategy with social progress to ensure that profit is created for a purpose.

A shared focus exists between both group and trust on addressing social inequalities and promoting environmental benefits so that profits are invested into developing the business or investing, through the trust, in charitable activities.

This arrangement has created a unique long-term relationship between the commercial and charitable arms, with significant results for local communities.  The group’s focus has centred on six charitable sectors, which it considers key to social wellbeing including young people’s development, elderly care, health and wellbeing, carer support, education and training; and community and voluntary organisations.

The judges were impressed by the passion and belief behind this project which has been adding huge social value in the north west for many years and it is to be hoped for many more.

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