Key Dates

Key dates for 2021

25 January 2021 – Entries open

midday (BST), 4 May 2021 – Entry deadline

midday (BST), 18 May 2021 – Extended entry deadline

13-14 July 2021 – Judging presentation round

21 July 2021 – Finalists announced

11 October 2021 – IWFM Awards Ceremony

What are the IWFM Impact Awards?

The IWFM Impact Awards recognise and showcase best-in-class workplace and facilities management best practice and evidence its impact on business, the economy and society.

Facilities management professionals are responsible for services that enable and support business. As such the IWFM Impact Awards are much more than just a ‘ceremony’; winners and finalists serve as a source of best practice for peers to be inspired from, and to learn from. As the industry leading Awards, the IWFM Impact Awards seek out the gold standard across Workplace and Facilities Management and beyond. Entries come from a cross-section of organisations regardless of size, type, sector and experience, from all across the world. This means that being a finalist, or a winner, is a true achievement and testament to the great work carried out by the individual, team, project, collaboration or organisation.

Eligibility and categories

What are the 2021 categories?

The 2021 categories are:

Organisation Awards

  • Workplace Experience: Office/Corporate Environment
  • Workplace Experience: Non-office/Corporate Environment
  • Positive Climate Action: Large Organisation (>500 employees)
  • Positive Climate Action: Small Organisation (<500 employees)
  • Social Value
  • Wellbeing
  • Diversity Initiative
  • People Development Programme
  • Collaboration
  • Product or Service Development
  • Technology
  • Breakthrough

People Awards

  • Team of the Year
  • Newcomer of the Year
  • Account Manager of the Year
  • Manager of the Year
  • Trailblazer
  • Frontline Heroes

There is no limit to the number of categories you can apply for but each application must be relevant and tailored to the criteria of each Award category.

View all the categories and criteria.

What criteria do we have to meet?

Each category has its own criteria that must be met – click on the category pages above for details.

If you have any questions on the criteria or your eligibility please contact the IWFM Impact Awards team on +44 (0)207 880 6214, or email

Who can enter the IWFM Impact Awards?

You do not need to be a IWFM member to apply for an award, applications are open to all. You do not have to be based in the UK to enter, there are no country restrictions. If you are based outside of the UK please note that interviews will take place virtually and you must be able to provide access to an online video call for the interview round of judging.

Entering the IWFM Impact Awards

What is the closing date for entries?

> Entries must be received by the extended entry deadline of midday (BST) on Tuesday 18 May 2021.

What should be included in the submission?

Each entry must be written using the template entry form (download here)  which demonstrates how the entry meets the category criteria. There are set questions for each category and these are what the judge’s scores will be based on. Please provide clear evidence of the success or impact of the project or initiative within the submission.

Please note the following:

  • The submission must be submitted PDF format using the entry form template
  • Some categories may request additional documentation, such as testimonials, CV and personal statement. Please check each category criteria carefully. These additional documents must fit into one supporting document pdf with a five A4 page limit.
  • Images do not need to be included within the supporting document and are asked to be uploaded during the entry registration.
  • You may provide web links (such as YouTube) for videos or sound clips if they are relevant to the criteria within your entry form or supporting document. The total length of all media must not exceed 10 minutes. Please ensure you provide passwords for private videos.
  • The Frontline Heroes category asks for a video to be uploaded for this category as part of the entry criteria. Please check the individual categories page for further information.

How do I enter the IWFM Impact Awards?

All award entries / nominations must be made online here.

  1. Review and select the categories you wish to enter
  2. Download your entry form(s)
  3. Prepare your entries
  4. Start your online entry registration – upload your entry form, supporting document and photographs
  5. Select finish to submit your entry. Good luck!

Can I nominate someone for an award?

Nominations are accepted from 3rd parties for the following categories:

  • Newcomer of the Year
  • Account Manager of the Year
  • Workplace and Facilities Manager of the Year
  • Trailblazer
  • Frontline Heroes

There is no entry fee for these categories.
The entry process is the same for nominations; therefore please follow the guidance above.

How much does it cost to enter the IWFM Impact Awards?

There is a cost of £250+VAT* for each entry you submit.

The following categories are free to enter:

  • Newcomer of the Year
  • Account Manager of the Year
  • Workplace and Facilities Manager of the Year
  • Trailblazer
  • Frontline Heroes

What are the payment options?

Before submitting your entry you will be asked to make your payment, payment is required by credit or debit card. Payment must be made prior to the final entry deadline or your entry may be withdrawn from judging. The following credit cards are accepted:

  • VISA
  • Master Card

How will my entry(ies) be judged?

Each category is judged by a group of industry professionals headed up by a category Lead Judge.

In round one all written submissions are assessed by the judging panel, ensuring that the award criteria is met; at this stage if the judges find that entries better address other award categories it will be discussed with the entrant.

All judges scores are tallied and the entrants shortlisted based on the final totals.  Shortlisted entrants are then scored again in the interview round and both rounds scores are totalled to give the overall result.

Some entries will not be successful through round one and will be notified by email.
Round two of judging will involve interviews with a panel of judges. Dates for interviews will be communicated by Redactive and these will take place virtually during 13-14 July 2021.

The finalists will be announced by 21 July.

When will we know if our submission has been successful?

Following round one (written submission review) you will be notified by 1 July if your submission has been successfully moved through to round two (interviews). The shortlisted finalists will be announced on 21 July. You will be notified by email if you are named as a finalist.

Winners will be announced in front of 800+ guests at the IWFM Impact Awards ceremony, which takes place on the evening of 11 October 2021 at JW Marriott Grosvenor House London.

The ceremony

When and where is the IWFM Impact Awards 2021 ceremony?

The IWFM Impact Awards 2021 will be held on the 11 October 2021 at JW Marriott Grosvenor House London.

What are the timings for the IWFM Impact Awards?

The IWFM Impact Awards schedule will be available shortly.

Who hosts the IWFM Impact Awards?

The celebrity host will be announced closer to the ceremony. Previous hosts include Dara O’Briain, Clive Anderson, Rory Bremner, Hugh Dennis and John Culshaw.

How do I book tables/tickets to the IWFM Impact Awards ceremony?

Please visit Awards night page for further information.

Contact us

For any queries regarding the IWFM Impact Awards please call the team on +44 (0)207 880 6214 or email @IWFM_Awards also carries the latest awards news.