intu, Impact on Employee Experience

The mandate of real estate investment trust intu is simple: Provide customers with the best shopping centre experience possible by keeping staff as satisfied as possible. The logic, of course, is engaged employees result in happy customers.

With 2,600 staff (2,130 are in-house) employed in centres across the UK and also a growing presence in Spain, intu implements multiple strategies to improve the employee experience.

There are various platforms of engagement such as the staff intranet ‘Mint’, staff presentations, employee magazine ‘Chorus’, briefings and consultation forums ‘Your Voice’, as well as regular meetings, social events and fun days.

Then there are also opportunities for personal and professional development with mentorship schemes, innovation initiatives and experimental projects.

intu is also focused on building a diverse and inclusive workforce – 30 per cent of women occupy positions at broad, senior management or executive levels and there are 27 different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds in the workforce. The organisation also pays all of its employees over 18 that have passed probation the National Living Wage.

To top off all the perks is the Win Your Dream initiative, now it in its third year, recognises and rewards employees for work well done. With three tiers of winnings, staff can earn a monthly, quarterly or annual prize – the last being a dream experience worth £10,000.

Te results are impressive: 84 per cent of staff say they’re proud to work for intu, employee engagement scores rank around 750 out of 1,000 and staff turnover has dropped by 18 per cent overall in the past four years.

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