The winner of the Impact on Environment Award has implemented innovative environmental initiatives that have made a positive impact on the organisation and society at large. The winner has shown that care for the environment is about more than just energy and waste management.


> Landsec, Caring for the Environment

Landsec’s vision was becoming environmental leader in the listed real-estate sector.

The company invested in innovative technologies and site-specific energy reduction assessments with the help of partners such as NG Bailey for its “care for the environment” initiative, which helped to save over 10% in energy use and has saved customers over £880,000 in energy bills. All of this was achieved by implementing better infrastructure and environments, Landsec also achieved goals of 70% recycling buildings by 2016 and this is increasing every year.

The team also formed strategic partnerships and developed a mandatory “Sustainability Matters” training course with online, role-specific and face-to- face training for employees, to ensure employee engagement and participation across its initiatives.

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> Khadamat Facilities Management LLC

Since 2010, Khadamat Facilities Management have implemented many energy saving programmes across UAE University buildings. The schemes primarily focus on the large central HVAC Systems on campus, promoting efficiency through building management, lighting controls, and hot and cold-water systems. Their efforts have seen cumulative savings of more than 5,687,000 million kWh over the last year without incurring any additional costs in implementation.

The team also designed and produced a Smart Energy Management System (SEMS) to access real-time energy usage and track energy targets by combining this system with the Building Management System (BMS).

The project has not only benefited the customer and the environment, but also the team involved in creating these innovative systems as part of their professional and personal development.