Empowering People through ENGAGE, Interserve and E.ON UK

Driven by an underlying belief that engaged and empowered people deliver better service, E.ON UK sought a service provider that could integrate ten separate service lines and who would be a true partner, uniting facilities employees at all of its sites.

Over 300 employees TUPE transferred to Interserve from five previous providers and existing E.ON UK employees and Interserve’s Engage programme was born; a wide-ranging training and communications initiative set out to establish a common safety culture to improve H&S standards. The challenge Interserve faced was to make the new team feel like an integral part of the bigger entity, working from the same set of values, operations and communications models, and a shared safety culture.

Interserve has created a strong one-team culture, both with E.ON and across the account team. Engage has raised health and safety standards and encouraged employees to lead account innovation. People empowerment has been core to Interserve’s successful relationship with E.ON UK.

The judges were impressed by the client support, genuine passion and care and all-round superb ethos of the programme, where it clear that all employees have bought in; and credence, trust and respect shown by senior leaders has created an environment for acceptance.

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