Waterless Urinal Technology, WhiffAway Group

Using its expertise as a market leader in waterless urinal technology, biological solutions and closed systems, the company has developed and installed the world’s first fully connected smart washroom technology.

The company developed a system that reduces water use, saves cost – through reduced maintenance – can be retro-fitted and prevents blockages. A non-return valve housing for its systems stop bacteria growth and helps eradicate bad odour.

WhiffAway’s waterless urinal technology has saved its clients an estimated 750,000,000 cubic meters of water £1.9 billion and 14.7 million kilos in carbon. The system is non-hazardous and all cleaning materials are environmentally friendly.

This initiative makes a major, measurable contribution to environmental sustainability, while improving the workplace experience.

The judges were impressed by a great innovation which addresses a real issue for facilities management with a clear environmental focus.

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