David Carr

The BIFM 2018 Leader of the Year has a track record of rising to the twin challenges of successfully running a high profile service provider while using his chairmanship of key membership organisation to help bring important voices in both the public and private sectors together for the benefit of advancing the profession. He is an individual who has clearly demonstrated his impressive leadership qualities with people at all levels within his organisation, and through his dedication to the industry with an in-depth understanding of FM.

As its current chief executive, David Carr has supported the growth of FM services in the UK and overseas in a variety of roles for Bouygues Energies & Services over more than fifteen years. He has also served as a board director and chairman of the Business Services Association.

David is in routine dialogue with is peers and others in the business, managing Bouygues’ graduate scheme and, by championing the firm’s apprenticeship scheme, bringing in new blood to important engineering management positions.

Driven by his desire to ensure all demand organisations recognise the higher risk of poor FM service procurement, David has always recognised the role of good facilities management in helping to drive solutions to the country’s ongoing productivity problems.

Underpinning all of this is David’s strongly held belief that the nurturing and maintenance of supplier relationships is of profound importance, with suppliers needing to be seen as ‘part of the team’ if there to perform at their best. David has been frequently commended for making them feel as such, whatever their size and contribution to the overall service proposition.

What’s more, David continues to refine his long term view of how he and his team can develop their business to better support the wider UK economy, with one eye to how he can ensure his employees are sufficiently prepared for the increasingly digital future.

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