Fiona Stewart, Student Living by Sodexo

Fiona is described as ‘naturally demonstrating leadership and management qualities’.

The pioneering Residency Living Model she helped introduce, which was piloted within Northumbria University, is now fully operational within her business and across the wider Student Living portfolio nationally.  It will soon be launched in mainland Europe.

Fiona presented the new model to her client and instantly they could see the commercial value and benefits the model would bring and they agreed to roll it out. The Residency Living team she recruited is integral to the student experience. The services they provide support the transition from living at home and studying at school or college, to living and studying independently.

Liaising and supporting her colleagues with operational, development and sales support, Fiona is regarded as an emotionally intelligent individual who epitomises teamwork.

She is quick to share her experience and insight within the sector along with areas of innovation that she has deployed within the business.

The judges were impressed at how her management style and thought leadership has benefited both her company and her team.

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This award recognises exceptional individuals who have been in a management position in FM for several years. This Award is a unique opportunity for individuals to showcase their exceptional management of people in the delivery of FM service excellence. This award will highlight the criticality of great management practices and the impact they have on FM service success and business outcomes.