Samantha West

Samantha West has dedicated three decades to the construction and facilities management industries. After many years carving out a successful career and supporting the profession through the Facilities Management Association, she gender-transitioned in 2016. A year later she went public at work.

One can only guess at the courage that decision would have taken, personally and professionally; but with the support of her colleagues and her organisation, she was able to navigate it.

What started off as a meeting in a London pub became the LGBT+ at VINCI Facilities, helping to bring awareness and support to that community within the profession. Her subsequent involvement in the pan-organisational LGBT+ in FM network is helping change attitudes across the wider industry and provide support and networking for others”.

The judges were impressed by how she had turned a deeply personal journey into an open conversation, inspiring others in their own circumstances to be their true selves and sparking an industry-wide movement to change attitudes and embrace diversity.

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