Did you know that in addition to 12 organisation categories, the IWFM Impact Awards 2021 also includes six people categories which recognise the fantastic work being done by teams and individuals within the workplace and facilities management profession?

From Newcomer of the Year to Frontline Heroes, the industry’s most prestigious event offers a variety of opportunities for you to highlight and celebrate outstanding best practice and ingenuity by you, your team or your colleagues.

The six people categories are:

  • Team of the Year: rewarding outstanding workplace and facilities management teams and the positive impact that they have for their organisations and customers
  • Newcomer of the Year: recognising exceptional new talent in the profession; identifying individuals who have made a significant impact on the provision of workplace and/or facilities management services within the first three years of their journey in the profession
  • Account Manager of the Year: celebrating the role of account managers in delivering success. As the lead contact for service providers and their clients, the account manager is a critical role; this award celebrates excellence in carrying out this function
  • Workplace and Facilities Manager of the Year: recognising exceptional individuals who have extensive management experience in workplace and facilities management
  • Trailblazer: every profession needs heroes and role models; this award recognises those outstanding individuals who are a leading light and inspiration to others
  • Frontline Heroes: the work of workplace and facilities management teams, directly and indirectly, generates work for millions of individuals. Whilst many understand the impact that these roles have on their success, too often that recognition is limited to their immediate peers. Enter now and broadcast their impact across the industry.

Enter now

Do you recognise yourself in the above or know someone who fits the bill? Find out more about these categories and how to enter by clicking here.

Entry deadline: midday on Tuesday 4 May (BST)


In 2020, the IWFM Impact Awards virtual ceremony recognised three individual winners for their outstanding achievements in workplace and facilities management; read more about the 2020 Newcomer of the Year, Manager of the Year and Trailblazer winners here.


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